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In my life the meaning of Image has always been very important, leading me since childhood to take care of the aesthetics of things, their appearance and presentation. Art occupies an important place in my heart, in my life and in my way of being, and that's probably why I chose a certain course of study, which saw me go first for the State Art Institute, and then for the University with Architecture.

Since I was a child, I gave vent to my artistic flair starting from "simple" paper and pencils, then reaching the "celluloid" of the photographic film, continuing to grow and mature even with the advent of digital.

Yes, I must admit, I am still moved by looking at a work of art, be it a photo, picture, sculpture, film or architecture.

Emotion for me is the most important aspect of a photograph. A well-made photo must be able to capture the observer and excite him.

Exciting is the arduous task of those who are "behind" the camera. I've been trying to do this for almost 10 years now: to capture the moment because the saying "carpe diem", in photography, falls perfectly.

I try daily to stop the emotion of an instant and imprint it on the film, and I do it by making available my skills and the love I have for this art.

The same dedication and passion I put in my profession as an architect, where art and aesthetics are mixed with the technique and usefulness of creating new living spaces, which bring beauty into everyday life, and make the customer feel at home .

I have always paid particular attention to nature and ecology, also in architecture, specializing in areas close to green building and the eco-sustainability of buildings. I followed the Master CasaClima to learn more about the wood construction of the "PassivHouse" philosophy.

For some years I have been developing building renovation projects using state eco-incentives such as EcoBonus or SismaBonus and I dedicate part of my work to the design and construction of swimming pools, with the Waterair company.

Architect photographer

Among the strengths of my personality and professionalism is honesty, both towards my colleagues and collaborators, and towards the customers with whom I interact.
I deeply respect and strongly encourage the free expression of our differences of opinion, the first indispensable engine of continuous growth.

Over time I made mine the saying "truth always pays" and I think it is a fundamental factor in building a relationship of mutual trust.

I like working in a friendly and relaxed environment, where it is easy to create a relation with my client and find always the best solution for them. 

I don't like proposing a "pre cooked package" but I suit my offer on my clients to get the most optimal solution for them.

Studio Lenzo is a safe and reliable place. I work in collaboration with trusted people to create something unique and to guarantee the satisfaction of our client.

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